Koch Fette Deutsche Schrift UNZ1A Font Family

Koch Fette Deutsche Schrift UNZ1A Font Family

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Google Translate says:

Rudolf Koch debut, initially called "German magazine", was such a bestseller that it was only later cooking fracture. The adaptation of written submissions to the needs of book printing and typesetting busy writing the budding champions over the years. Between 1908 and 1910 the fats German typeface was cut.
Koch himself saw the reason for the success of his German writing in their ability to bring the spirit of the times expressed. The concentrated principally expressed in Roman and maintained fractures, but the young talent cooking presented with the German writing something that literally jumped to the viewer's eyes - strong, plastic, black and alive. This font was stubborn, but convincing in a new direction.
This fontes in both my "special coding", which enables writing in fracture without additional program - the use of ligatures. and in the modern, Unicodepliant coding according to the standard UNC-1 of the Society for German language and writing eV for this version either needs a set of utility or a custom keyboard driver that the available long s and ligatures on the keyboard are.

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